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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Who Knows

In the late 80's Nike ran an advertising campaign that was focused on the saying "Bo knows."  The original "Bo Knows" ad opens with a shot of Jackson playing baseball and fellow ballplayer Kirk Gibson saying, "Bo knows baseball." The next scene shows Jackson on the gridiron, with quarterback Jim Everett explaining, "Bo knows football." Jackson then plays basketballtennis, and ice hockey and goes running, with Michael JordanJohn McEnroe, and Mary Decker vouching for Jackson's knowledge of their sports.  The ad concludes with Jackson trying to play the guitar--and failing badly—whereupon blues legend Bo Diddley exclaims, "Bo, you don't know diddley!"

Can Mr. Jackson really have claimed to "know" the other sports other than football and baseball? I don't know for sure, bit I do know that a lot of people claim to know The Lord but really don't.  Our above text says that Eternal life is in knowing God!  The word translated know in this verse is the Greek word "ginosko" which properly signifies to be taking in knowledge, to come to know, recognize, understand completely.  Vines says, "In the New Testament "ginosko" frequently indicates a relation between the person "knowing" and the object known; in this respect, what is "known" is of value or importance to the one who knows, and hence the establishment of the relationship."  

You see, knowing God is deeper than knowing He is God and He exists.  If we are going to claim to know God we better be in a relationship with Him through His Son.  Consider 1Co 8:3, we may claim to know God, but does God know us?  God knows us it is because of our love.  Now, love is used just like know.  Everybody says, "I love God" and "I know God."  We now understand that to know God a relationship must exist.  If we have no time for God during the week our claim to know God is in ignorance.

The same with love!  Love is not a feeling.  Relationships today, with man and God, are destroyed because of ignorance of love.  Love is a verb not a an emotion.  Lust is an emotion. We confuse lust and love.  Lust, the emotion, when out into action is sin that leads to death!  Jas 1:14,5 NASB  Love is a verb.  Jesus said it in Jn 14:15  Love is found in our obedience to the Word.  If we are not obedient we can not claim to love God.  I say all tghe time we do not have an obedience issue.  We have a love issue.  We don't love God like we should. Dt 6:5; Mk 12:30 He is not number one in our lives.  he may be important to us, but the most important.  That is not loving God.  That is not knowing God.  We must establish a relationship with Him and that is done in obedience to His Word!

God provided mercy and grace at Calvary on the cross through Jesus Christ.   I love the first verse and refrain of the old hymn that says, Years I spent in vanity and pride, Caring not my Lord was crucified, knowing not it was for me He died On Calvary. Mercy there was great, and grace was free; Pardon there was multiplied to me; There my burdened soul found liberty At Calvary.
Now we must partake of that provision and obey His commands.
Without obedience we can't claim to know or love God. 1Jn 2:4,5  Today, will you put God first, submit to His authority, and obey his Word?


Hear The Word-  Rom 10:17; Acts 4:4

We Must Believe or Have Faith-  Heb 11:6; Acts 16:31

We Must Repent-  Lk 13:3; Acts 17:30

We Must Confess Christ Before Others-  Mt 10:32; Acts 8:37

We Must Be Immersed Into Christ (Baptized)-  1Pe 3:21; Mk 16:16; Acts 2:38  

We Must Remain Faithful-  Rev 2:10; Acts 14:22

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