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Thursday, October 20, 2011


In Mt 16:18 He said, "I will build My Church";
In Acts 2:47 at Pentecost He gave it birth.

He commanded baptism for every nation;
Mk 16:16 includes it for the world's salvation.

Practiced at Pentecost in Acts 2:38;
For remission of sins, DO NOT HESITATE.

He set forth His Supper in Gospels three;
Mt 26, Mk 14, also Lk 22, where we see.

It was steadfastly observed in Acts 2:42;
And Acts 20:7 assures it is true.

Unity has been the Bible theme;
No divisions as man has deemed.

Consider what is said in Amos 3:3;
"Can two walk together unless they agree"

David tells us in Ps 133;
How brethren should walk in unity.

United we stand...  Divided we fall;
We will prevail if we do His all.

Let's get ourselves into the Bible place;
"Till we all come to the unity of THE FAITH"

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