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Monday, October 17, 2011

I'm A Christian Only

"What is your religion?" quite often people ask.
My answer is, "I'm Christian," and then begins my task.
"But, what denomination?" they ask in a puzzled tone.
"No denomination, as a Christian I am known."
"No denomination!  I've never heard of such!
Would you please explain?  I'm puzzled very much."

I tell them of Jesus Christ, the Master from above,
Who died on the cross at Calvary to show his endless love.
Of how He said, "I will build my Church."
Then sent her out in the world to search.
For dying people in dark despair,
And conquer Satan everywhere.

Then men came who changed the Word,
Divided the Church; God's wrath incurred.
They called themselves by names of men,
The Bible states that this is sin.
Denominations came about,
And this began the Church's rout.

To stop the devil's victory,
Men started then God's Word to see.
They found in it a perfect plan,
Better than devised by any man.
The plan was simple and quite sane,
By it the Church could rise again.

Before denominations came,
The saints all wore the Master's name.
Believed His Word, obeyed his will,
Worshiped, worked, and watched until;
Christ should come on a cloud of white,
To usher them into eternal light.

And that is why I'm Christian only,
And do not think that I am lonely.
For thousands share this blessed way,
And work and pray until that day.
That denominationalism all will cease,
And Christ's great Church will then increase.

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