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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Time To Work

I have noticed that people, including me, often times try to segregate their lives.  We have this section of our life for family.  Another section of our life for work.  Yet another section for church, and so on.  We often try to keep them apart.  We say, "I leave work at work" when we refer to problems or struggles we have at work.  We say, "I will miss service to be with my family" and it may be needed but none the less it is segregated.  Have we ever considered the thought that working for the Lord must permeate through our entire life and cannot be segregated?  A few weeks ago I taught a lesson on the word "worship" and we discussed a few of the Greek words that are translated worship in the New Testament.  One of the was "latreuo", which basically means worship is a lifestyle not just a specific act in a specific place, but a way in which we live.  That sure doesn't sound like a segregated life to me.  The above tells us that is possible to claim, or profess, Christ and deny him with our works.  To me, that sounds like an attempt at a segregated life.  Paul tells Titus three things about this type of person.

Before we dig into that, I think it must be said that profession without practice brings condemnation.  This will be explained in another paragraph but do we ever think of it like that?  We must produce fruit.  Mk 11:12-14  These verses sound really mean and harsh for Jesus to do, but what we don't realize is that a fig tree there is a little different than our trees here.  We know trees to produce leaves then fruit, but figs are the exact opposite.  They produce fruit then leaves.  Therefore, the tree having leaves should have already been producing fruit but failed to do so!  Many Christians are failing to produce fruit but are showing leaves as well.  I can't see how an honest Bible student can read the few verses used thus far and still believe in "faith only."  But on to our work!

Paul says a person who professes but doesn't practice has a detestable character.  This word is often translated "abominable."  Have you ever thought that profession and no practice is an abomination?  This word means that which is an abomination to God.  We are so quick to hammer homosexuality as an abomination and refer people to Lev 18:22 but are you prepared to say the same thing to a person who professes and doesn't practice?  Both are an abomination to God but we choose which we fight and stand firm on, sadly.  Some say the man preaching faith only is not as wicked as a homosexual, but that is if you are writing the Bible.  Spiritually they are both an abomination.  Both can be repented from.  Both can be forgiven. That is why I say profession without practice brings condemnation.  Do your works deny Christ? 1Jn 2:4  Profession without practice makes you a liar.  Rev 21:8   Liars will face a second death.  Therefore, profession without practice brings condemnation.

Paul says a person who professes but doesn't practice has a disobedient action.  Again, I find it funny that Paul says here to Titus that practicing is obviously commanded because you can't disobey something that was not commanded!  If profession without practice is disobedient profession and practice must be commanded!  Why then do people try to make Paul and God's Word their sock puppet and support a faith only?  You see, the word translated disobedient literally means unwilling to be persuaded, spurning belief, disobedient.  It is addressing intentional unbelief.  Profession without practice brings condemnation and so does unbelief.  Mk 16:16  Make no mistake, I know we are saved by the grace of God and no other means.  I also believe that that saving grace is PROVED, not EARNED, in our lives by our works.  Without a living and working faith we cannot claim to have God's saving grace.  If we do that is professing without practicing.  When we walk according to the world we are "sons of disobedience" and will be overcome by the "wrath of God" Eph 2:2; 5:6  Do you walk according to the world or the Word?

Finally, Paul says a person who professes but doesn't practice has a worthless value.  The word translated worthless here is usually applied to metal.  It means not standing the test, rejected.   You see, if we are professing and not practicing our work is rejected.  Our work is not approved by God.  We have no value at that point.  We must have different works than that of the world.  We must delight in God's Word.  That is the picture of the tree that doesn't wither!  Ps 1:1-3  This is why we must meditate on the Word of God day and night.  We must seek Godly wisdom.  We must meditate on , profess and practice the Word of God so that we are ready to do every good work.  2Ti 3:16-17   I am reminding you to be ready for "every good deed."  Titus 3:1

As Christians today we must be seeking the wisdom of God's Word.  Remember, wisdom is the proper application of knowledge.  Wisdom of God's Word must be our foundation.  Sanctification in obedience to God's Word (Jn 17:17) must be our rule.  The resurrection from the dead reserved for us in heaven to spend eternity with our Father (1Pe 1:3-4) must be our goal.

Today, are ready to work?  Are you ready profess and practice?  I said this week in my message that one sermon lived will be far more effective than ten sermons preached.  Today, live the Bible, don't just profess it and you will be proving God's saving grace in your life.  You will be equipped for every good work.  Then and only then you won't be found as an abomination, disobedient, and worthless.  Are you ready to work for Jesus with a lifestyle?


We must hear the Word of God:  Rom 10:17; Acts 4:4

We must believe or have faith:   Heb 11:6; Acts 16:31

We must repent of our sins:  Lk 13:3; Acts 17:30

We must confess Christ before others:  Mt 10:32; Acts 8:37

We must be immersed into Christ (baptized) Mk 16:16; Acts 2:38

We must be faithful:   Rev 2:10; Acts 14:22      


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  1. I need to work on my life and quit segregating it, thanks for helping me see a better light to follow in my walk with the Lord :)