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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Are you a Joshua?

The very first things I noticed in these verses are the similarities we see to Joshua and Jesus.  First and foremost, the Greek form of Joshua's name is Jesus.  Not only by name are they similar but both of them began their commission in the Jordan.  Also, they are similar in what their work accomplished.  Joshua leads people to the Promised Land and Jesus leads people to Heaven.  These are some great things but they are not what we are going to look at today.  Today we are going to take notice to what God says to Joshua and how it applies to us.    

In verse two, God tells Joshua to Go!  He is told to take all of God's people and cross the Jordan River.  Sounds easy, right?  No, the time of the year that they were crossing the Jordan is when it was at its highest and overflowing stage. Jos 3:15  It would have taken a great faith to get into the water under God's command.  God provided some help, as God always does, to His people who were displaying an obedient and working faith in their lives. Jos 3:16,17   When God says, "GO" we better be moving.  When something seems insurmountable in our path God will provide a way over and through it.  The old saying goes, "If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it."  

God next tells Joshua several times to be strong and courageous.  Jos 1:6,7,9,18   This shows that what God is commanding will be very difficult.   God knew Joshua would need encouragement.  These words are so great when we know what they mean.  The word"strong" means to be bound fast, to be attached, to make firm and strengthen.  The word "courageous" when referring to a physical courage means to be alert.  Similar to telling someone to be in their toes.  When it is referring to a mental courage it means to confirm, be courageous, be steadfastly minded.  Understanding the meanings of these words makes the phrase "be strong and courageous" have a whole new meaning.  God actually tells Joshua be attached or bound to me and I will strengthen you (strong) and stay on your toes with a steadfast mind (courageous) when you enter this land.  WOW, to think, we serve that same God today is a great feeling!  What was Joshua to be steadfastly minded about in the Promised Land?

The next thing God tells Joshua in verses seven and eight is to obey, study and meditate on God's Law or His Word.  It is God's Word that Joshua is to be steadfastly minded about.  God says prosperity and success are directly attached to obedience to His Word!  God says if you want to achieve success in this difficult task you must obey my Word.  Did you catch the thought process of verses seven, eight, and nine?  God says obey my Word, do not turn from it, and you will find success.  He then says meditate on my Word day and night, speak nothing but my Word, and be careful to do all that is in my Word.  Finally God says I am with you wherever you go.  That is amazing!!  Remember He was told to "GO" in verse two. and in verse nine he is told God is with him wherever he goes.

Me personally, I see the Great Commission in these verses.  Mt 28:19,20   Jesus, our Lord and Savior, tells us the same thing today!  He says "Go" in verse 19.  He tells us to go through water after having an obedient and working faith as he commands baptism in verse 19. Jesus tells us He is with us as we embark on a difficult journey of witnessing and leading others through the water into Jesus' spiritual promised land in verse 20.   Jesus tells us to keep His commands and teach them to others.  We too, are to keep God's Word in our mouths.  It is vital that we do all that is in God's Word, that we do not turn from God's Word, and meditate on God's Word day and night if we are to have success and prosperity in this commission!  Obedience will produce success for us today just as it did for Joshua in his day.

Today, be strengthened as you are attached to God.  Be on your toes as the enemy will try to detach you from the Lord in any way he can.  Be steadfastly minded to God's Word.  Share the plan God has for redeeming mankind.  Sometimes we must show a person they are lost before they will want to be found. Rom 3:23  Show someone you are Christian by your deeds. 


We must hear the Word of God:  Rom 10:17; Acts 4:4

We must believe or have faith:   Heb 11:6; Acts 16:31

We must repent of our sins:  Lk 13:3; Acts 17:30

We must confess Christ before others:  Mt 10:32; Acts 8:37

We must be immersed into Christ (baptized) Mk 16:16; Acts 2:38

We must be faithful:  Rev 2:10; Acts 14:22