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Friday, July 9, 2010

More that a man!

Many men have laid their lives down so that others may have a better life.  This country was built on that very concept.  My last blog, Free At Last, was addressing that briefly.  Only one man has laid his life down for others and chose the time and manner that it would happen.  That man is Jesus.  He is the Son of God and my personal savior.  The following facts will provide evidence that Jesus died voluntarily on his time and manner.  They are not the only facts that provide this proof but the ones I have chosen.

Crucifixion was a brutal way to die.  It usually took 36 to 72 hours for a person to die. That is why the legs were broken on the thieves that were crucified beside Jesus.  (Jn 19:31-33)  It was to prevent them from supporting their body weight with their legs.  The crucified would push up with their legs to make breathing easier.  Breaking their legs would keep them from doing so and accelerate their death.  Jesus died in 6 hours.  (Mk 15:25-37)  This adds some explanation as to why Pilate had questions concerning Christ already being dead.  (Mk 15:44)

The importance of Jesus dieing that quickly on the cross cannot be overstated.  Had Jesus remained alive on the cross the length of time it ordinarily took a person to die there would be no evidence that he had the power to lay down his own life by his own will.  (Jn 10:17,18)
It was necessary for Jesus to die early while the strength of life was still in his body.

Had Jesus remained alive on the cross the length of time it ordinarily took a person to die his legs would have been broken along with the others.  (Jn 19:31-33)  It was said concerning the bones of Christ, "not one of them is broken."  (Ps 34:20)  Broken legs on Jesus would have went against the Word of God.  Jesus came to fulfill the Word not break it.  Jesus fulfilled over 300 Old Testament prophecies.

Remarkably, after only six hours on the cross, Jesus announced with a strong voice the moment of his death and he immediately died!  I want you to carefully notice that all four Gospels state the death of Jesus was the result of him giving up his spirit.  (Mt 27:50; Mk 15:37; Lk 23:46; Jn 19:30)  Also, notice in Jn 19:30, Christ "bowed his head" which demonstrates he had the physical strength to keep it upright prior to "giving up his spirit!"

This was a voluntary act.  Jesus pronounced his work "finished."  He "gave up his spirit."  Jesus died by an act of his own will at the moment he had chosen!  Even the centurion could see that this crucifixion was unique to all that he had seen with his own eyes.  (Mk 15:39;Lk 23:47)

The question is, can a mere man have the power and control over his own life as Jesus did, or was he more than a man?  It is reasonable to believe that Jesus was more than a man.  He was and is the Son of God.  His death at Calvary was not a failure but a victory.  He came to die so that all men will be saved and come to know the truth.
(1Ti 2:3,4)  I ask you today, have you obeyed the entire truth?  Many men today teach part of the truth.  Let me tell you, "A half truth is a whole lie."  Today is the day for salvation.  (2Co 6:2) 

Have a red letter day,

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